Massage on location


Be good to yourself with Totum Bodytherapy Treatment massage on location!

Trine's Treatment Team is ready to create better conditions and balances in your body and your psyche

  • Get strengthen your performance
  • Pains will be relieved
  • Better connection between your head and your body

Totum Body Therapy is an effective, profound and redeeming massage form. The body therapy, is based on the idea of the fact, that the cause of the pain will not necessarily be at the same place as the pain itself. Body therapy releases physical and mental tension and thus activates the body to heal itself.

The treatment consists pulsating massage, acu and zone pressure, deep stretching, joint release, meridian line massage and breathing techniques.

How do you get an appointment?

There are times given prior to the event by writing to Trine on mail

Please write if you are sailing, accompanying family, coach or volunteer and any wish for date and timing. - you'll get  reply with the allocated time as soon as possible.
Times are distributed as follows:

Dates time slots Comments
08 - 10 July 12.00 - 18.00  This period is for everyone
11 - 14 July 12.00 - 15.00  This period is for everyone
11 - 14 July 15.00 - 18.00  Reserved for the sailors

Where does the treatments take place?

On the harbour, 1st floor of the Junior House / Sailing Club (Ask in the info tent)

What does it cost and how about payment?

Duration of treatments Price
25 minutes 250, - Dkr (33 Euro)
55 minutes 475, - Dkr (64 Euro)
You can pay cash (euro and kr) or with mobilepay for the treatment you receive.  

We look forward to give you a massage!

On behalf of the treatment team

Sincerely Trine

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